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Based on the theme of Home, Acclim puts players in the shoes of Harriet Danvers. Harriet has recently moved away from away from the familiarity of her homeland, to a country far away for her new job. A series of letters delivered over a span of one month reveals Harriet’s mindset as she adapts to living in her new home.

Role(s): Game Designer, 3D modeller & Writer

Download Page ( – the game at this time only supports gamepads

Drink Mix (Unity 2017.3.1 + Arduino hardware)

Mix as many drinks as you can within the time limit. The closer to perfection your drinks are, the more money you score as tips.

Drink Mix is a university project developed over the course of 12 weeks, where we had to create custom controllers for a game. The controllers are to be unique and work only for the game it was designed for. While the game is available for download and playable with the keyboard, it will not be as smooth without the custom controllers.


Role(s):  Games Designer, 3D modeller

Download Page (

I Will Prevail (Unity 2017.3.1) – In Development

I Will Prevail is a turn-based sci-fi 2D top-down puzzle combat Android game. The player must overcome enemy defences and ambushes using the best strategy, balancing their combat units to defeat the enemy with a minimum loss of troops.

Role(s): Project Managment, Programmer, Games Designer



Escape Demo (Unity 5)

The player finds themselves trapped in a gloomy facility, and must locate the key in order to escape. As the player searches for the key, they come across notes, hinting humorous and/or sinister happenings within the facility.

Role(s):  Level Designer, 3D Modeller, Writer

Download Unavailable


S.A.L.T (Unity 5)

Trapped in a dream-like world, you battle wave upon wave of enemies, each being more difficult than the last. When nightfall approaches, pray you survive long enough to see the next sunrise.

Role(s): Q&A, assistant audio designer

Download Unavailable

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