Hello there!

I am your humble host, Narisa MacLeod aka MacLeodn. Welcome to my blog that serves both as my university and game developer (or design) blog. This is where I document my learning progress in classes and work on various student projects. Upon graduation, this will shift solely as a game developer blog (hopefully).

I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia working towards my Bachelors in Games Development, majoring in Games Design.

I am drawn towards the Q&A side of things within the industry; testing games to ensure there are no major bugs/glitches and that the game is the best it possibly can be. My second area of interest is within writing for games primarily game reviews, but willing to delve into other areas of games writing/journalism. In fact, I have another blog dedicated to game reviews called Game and Mod Reviews.

Enjoy looking around the site! if you wish to get in contact with me for anything at all, don’t hesitate to move over to the contact page. Thanks for stopping by, cheerio!




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