The final trimester of my university journey has begun…starting last week.

My bad!

The breakdown for this trimester is working on I Will Prevail, work internship and doing my missing CIU module which is cultural perspectives.

Since my class never got the talk about internships from the industry coordinator, we have 3 tutorial classes to cover the talk. Last Thursday served as an introduction and what to expect, with tips on what to include in cover letters and resumes. Luckily, I already had written my resume and organized my portfolio. Other than that, I asked the industry coordinator if she could look over my portfolio and resume after lunch, which she agreed too. She said overall they were solid and well-done, I just needed to make some minor changes to them (e.g. make sure the text font was consistent).

The only thing I was missing was my cover letter. Already got it done and sent to be looked over by the industry coordinator to see if they are approved. I figured I would write two cover letters to target the two areas within the industry I am most interested in: games journalism (since I write game reviews on my other blog) and Q&A game tester.

After that was my first CIU211 class, where I promptly experienced a brain meltdown from the overload of information. Seeing the assessments and how time-consuming they would be caused me to worry before the first week even ended on how I was going to balance my workload this trimester. Especially since this is my final trimester, and there is no real plan B at the moment, as I do not have the finances to stay here for an extra three months.


Panicking aside, this means that this trimester I need to be on the top of the game when it comes to my time management. Time management is going to be key in managing my workload and keeping my stress down to a minimum.

Let the insanity commence!

On Friday, we met the lecturers who would be overseeing us as we delved into full production of our final projects. The team was immensely excited to have Iain as one of the lecturers, as it meant we could ask him for guidance in the programming required for our project.

As seen throughout my posts for last trimester, one of the biggest areas that the Prevail Team struggled with was programming as we had no programmers in the team, with three game designers whose area of expertise was definitely not programming.

The meeting with Iain and Vance went a long way in calming down the low-key panicking I was already beginning to feel. At the conclusion of the meeting, where Iain asked if any of us had any concerns, I mentioned my concerns of balancing the workload with the internship and the cultural perspectives. Iain said to let him and the rest of my team know if I begin to struggle with managing everything before I hit my breaking point. Something I want to avoid a repeat of from last trimester. I am immensely grateful that my team was understanding and going out their way to try to decrease my workload so I would not be on the verge of freaking out. My role as lead programmer has changed to be more of a support role.

In fact, after the meeting, Cameron talked with the team and hashed out on what we needed to get done. After the talk, the team felt more confident with a clearer understanding of the tasks we needed doing, and a solid timeline of when we need to finish those tasks by. From there, we began cracking down on the tasks. I was set to work on the narrative of the story as there are plans for implementing simple cutscenes which will have dialogue included. This means I also need to look at the Fungus Unity plugin as well.

While I was working on the narrative, Jarrod and Cameron worked with Iain on the scripts the game would need, and how to go about creating the code for it. Sam looked into FMOD for Unity.

Looking to see how things go this trimester!