Tuesday Morning Class ( 2017)

GDS230 w/GPG230 class [8.30am Class]

Today was all about testing and making sure everything was working, and ready to go on Thursday night. Brady was working on making sure the programming was working for the bottles and hooking up the bottle controllers. While he was working on the bottle controllers (after admiring the custom table top he made & playing with the arcade buttons he bought….they were comically large), I got to work on making the final edits to our game design documentation. I mainly edited the audio section as I had forgotten to fill it previously, and removing the sound effects as we realized we would not be able to implement it. It would be hard to hear the sound effects over the sounds of a crowded room during the student exhibition.

I still have no idea whether I felt alarmed or amused when Brady admitted he hadn’t tested the code at all. Leaning towards amused considering I remember not feeling particularly concerned, as I was going through the day without any sleep at all.

I did get to see what the others had made so far though. Zac had one full set of his armor for his fencing game (minus the leg pieces) mostly done. Jarrod had some code issues with his (that I had attempted to help him with till Greg, the programming lecturer arrived) but got to see the physical controllers for his epically named “Wiggle Waggle” game.

ps: Jarrod if you read this, I still can’t believe you named it “Wiggle Waggle” and stuck with it all throughout this trimester. Never did decide whether to judge or applaud you.

Tuesday Afternoon Class 

CIU212 [12pm Class]

In the final CIU212 class for the trimester, Adrian went over what was expected from all of us at the end of the week (our post-mortem + deliverables of all we did this trimester) before letting us prepare our presentations. You can read my post-mortem on the trimester for I Will Prevail via the hyperlink.

At 1pm, we all gave our presentations on our projects covering what the game was about, where we came from, what the game is now, where it is going and future plans. Compared to the other groups, ours was behind as most had a prototype built and working already while ours was still work-in-progress in our own individual scenes that we had yet to put together. Still need to get my movement script working on an actual hex grid, which I will work on during the holidays before visiting my parents.

Our hope is that if we can get the combat system working, then much of the programming hurdle will have passed (hopefully), as it will be more of a matter of trying to integrate all of our systems together. I have a small feeling that may become a bit of a nightmare. I am going to see if I can get my movement script working on an actual hex grid during the two weeks I am still here, at Brisbane, before returning to Thailand for my Christmas break. If I can get that done, maybe work on some other things such as additional environmental sprite assets (as we will need a lot to cover the 5 levels).

Thursdays class (14th December 2017)

GDS230 [3pm]

Adrian asked that we arrive early today at noon in order to prepare for the exhibition which starts at 5.30pm.

Most of us arrived early to try to get everything ready for the student exhibition night. We were originally going to hand in the completed game manual to Steph at 3.30pm. However as most the staff and students were busy preparing for the exhibition, we decided to organize a meeting next week to do the handover instead. There was plenty of last-minute scrambles to try to get everything done and working before 5pm.

At 5pm onwards, we mostly enjoyed the exhibition and checking out other student projects 🙂