For our studio 3 collaboration project with the GPG230 class, we had a choice out of 3 project briefs. My group chose to do the first project brief: create a custom controller for your own game that cannot be replicated by mainstream companies.

After throwing around several ideas, we settled on creating a game that consisted the player of mixing drinks, using custom glass bottle controllers.

What Went right 

Work Ethics

My work ethics for the majority of the project has been consistent. I did miss the day where the team wanted to come in and work on the project during one of our off days. Otherwise, I showed up for most of the classes and worked on the tasks assigned to me.

If I was not sure what to do, I either asked what I could do to help or found something to do on my own.


Throughout the trimester, we have been mostly on top of our game documentation as that was one of my primary tasks with assistance from Brady. The game design document went through several iterations through the trimester as it shifted in design. There were times we slacked off on it by not including the UI mechanics we had agreed upon in class as it went through the most reiterations. We also did lack an appendix that was added towards to the end which served as our changelog. We also used the appendix as a place to move any old concept images.

Despite all this, I believe as a whole, we were on top of the game documentation as we had much of it already completed within the first few weeks including our game flow chart, technical documentation, and spreadsheets of the drink recipes being used in the game.

What Went Wrong 


Many of the problems that arose with the project could be avoided if the team had communicated a lot more. Despite having a group chat on Slack, for the majority of the trimester, we did not communicate outside of class to give updates to one another. Therefore, most of us had no idea who was doing what which led to discontent within the team. While Brady and I did communicate on Slack for a fair bit of the trimester (as Slack often kept disabling notifications), we did not hear much from the others.

This led to Brady taking on much of the workload upon himself, and me usually wondering what I can do to help. The lack of communication also led to the instance where I was working on trying to get the LED lights working with the Arduino only for near the end of class, Brady informing me he already had it done, so I had spent most of the class working on something that was already covered. Oh well, still got to learn more about Ardunios and programming on one.

Blender VS Unity

This is more of an unexpected event than anything else, but I actually had no idea that Blender and Unity used different coordinate systems. Unity uses the left-handed coordinate system while Blender used right-handed. When I was testing the models, as I saw them being upright, I had assumed everything was all good therefore did not look further into the matter. Brady had been telling me for over a week that the models were sideways and said I was merely changing its rotation in Unity to “fix” the rotation problem. I was telling him I never adjusted anything as I had not, leading to major frustration between the both of us.

All the models

I fully admit I was about ready to throttle Brady when he told me again that the Blender models were still sideways. It led to us both sending each other screencaps of the Unity and Blender rotation values, then searching for answers online before realizing what was happening. After that, I made sure I had a preset created for exporting .fbx files into Unity.


Despite the project and the team hitting many rough spots throughout the trimester, I am happy with how the project turned out in the end. Compared to the others who did the bulk of the programming work; I feel I did not do as much work compared to them. Majority of my contributions were related to testing Arduino tutorials (knock sensor + LED light), research, documentation, 3D models + game poster and searching for the finishing touches (e.g sound effects + music).

I am looking forward to seeing how it goes at the student exhibition!

Bonus Stuff