Week 12! The final stretch to the final week of the trimester, before having a little breathing room. Time to go go go go!

Tuesday Morning Class (5th December 2017)

GDS230 w/GPG230 class [8.30am Class]

It seems to me that most my work for the Drink Mix project is done, as there does not seem much I can contribute at this point. I plan on making a quick game poster in case no one else is working on it. Everything else at this point is fixing whatever is broken, getting the missing pieces into place such as the UI elements.

So in class, while they were working on getting the final pieces together, I began planning out the various blog posts I feel needed to be done by the end of trimester such as Piskel as a 2D sprite tool, post-mortems for the projects, at least two posts regarding research and I believe one of the student exhibition events that will occur at the end of trimester on the 14th of December.

Most of the classes disappeared at one point to watch Greg do some soldering for one of the other projects.

Tuesday Afternoon Class 

CIU212 [12pm Class]

As Adrian was absent, Laz came in early to check in on the class to get the meetings done. Cameron volunteered our group to have the meeting with him first, just to get it out of the way and get back to cracking on the prototype. Having addressed my fears about not getting anything done for the prototype earlier in the morning, I was able to tell Laz my self-reflection on my side of the tasks and how I should have handled it. Most of the team admitted we hit some snag with the programming, but Laz was happy as we addressed the problems with solutions (e.g. my self-reflection & Cameron stating he was already going to talk to the other group to get a clearer direction).

He asked to see our prototype level so far and overall was very pleased with our group. He said our group had the roughest beginnings to the start of the trimester and behind others, but we have proven ourselves and stepped up to the challenge. Therefore, we receive top marks from him.

Prototype level layout

To be honest, I am very glad I had the talk with the group and Laz as it alleviated much of the stress I was feeling. The talk reminded me that I was over-complicating things due to my one-track mind focus on “rock-paper-scissors” description of the combat. Just need to remember that sometimes the best thing I can do, is taking a step back and just breathe. One of my flaws is that I tend to focus solely on the task and try forcing myself to have something done at the cost of my own physical/mental health. Along with wanting to have it perfect.

After the meeting, Cameron said he would take over the combat system as he was working the combat system for the defensive units. He felt since both required combat and would require similar coding, it should be easier for him to take care of it. Thus leaving me free to focus solely on the movement script and a form of a base-turn script. I believe I will have a rudimentary system going, but it won’t be perfect. I think I can accept having a very basic system going and using next trimester to really expand upon it.

Thursdays class (7th December 2017)

GDS230 [3pm]

Tonight’s class was all about knocking out as many of the tasks left in our milestones as we could. Our goal is to have everything by Tuesday, as on Thursday, we are handing over the completed game manual before going to set up for the exhibition.

Zac and Jarrod finished up the narrative by adding the introduction and setting up the alternative endings based on which team won the activities for that week. While they were working on that, Matt began setting up the game manual with the various headings and descriptions of what information would be needed in those sections. Cameron and I worked on organizing the activities up. I was a little envious he had an easier time setting up the crossword puzzles, considering I was struggling a bit with what kind of questions to ask for the spatial awareness quiz. We both did go up to the library to ask for permission to use the library as one of the locations to hide an object for the new students to find. As well to look around for an ideal spot to hide the object. Needless to say, my joke to Cameron about where we should hide the object is now going to be the official hiding spot.

Afterwards, it was back to figuring out the activities. I did not realize until the next day while working on the manual, that I never specified what would be used as clues/locations for the objects the students need to find. My bad. Will have to work on rectifying that soon. The plan is to have the draft of the manual done by Friday night so Adrian can have a look at it and have the final version done by Tuesday.

Either way, I see a lot of late nights until Monday for me as I try to get everything assigned to myself done. I think the task I will struggle with the most is…once again the programming for the I Will Prevail project. I just really hope I have more progress compared to last week with less stress/mental breakdowns. I also need to prepare the final trimester presentation.

Bonus: Looked at the finished bottle models and concept poster for the Drink Mix project. Although I do need to fix the bottles up a bit more still it is more or less done. Also fun-fact, I didn’t sleep until 5.15AM but that was my fault cause I procrastinated for the first two hours…