Been down with the blues for the last few days but I did do two extra 3D models. Technically one model is done, with the other is still being in the work-in-progress phase. I was originally making a rock cliff but the geometry I made for the rocks didn’t mesh together very well, so I turned it into a rock formation of sorts. The idea is that can serve as an ambush point or a hidden route to reach the enemy base. It is not the prettiest of models but it’s something. I need to fix it later to make it look more natural, or scrap it altogether and start from scratch.


The other model that I’m currently working on is a crystal cluster since my mind is still stuck on Starcraft 2. Never even played the game, I did watch my cousin play it a lot though and I remembered seeing one of the harvestable resources being a bunch of crystal clusters. I got one of the crystals down, my plan is making several with varying ‘cuts’ or geometry before putting it together as a cluster.


The final thing I have been working on today is helping Cameron with the Gannt chart as the co-project leader. Since we both never used GanttProject before, we had to learn it quickly. Although in all honesty, I see myself as one of the designers working on the assets/level design rather than a project manager. Pretty sure I missed some vital tasks but those were the ones I could think of at the moment while working on it. I do need to change the name of the animator and get the animation tasks in, but since we lost our animator….we’re waiting on seeing if his friend is willing to be onboard with the project.

GanttProjectofDoomThis week just seems to be the week where our outsourced group members dropped out. It leaves us in a bit of a pickle meaning we need to readjust the Gantt chart again to reflect those changes if we are unable to find another animator.

Other than that, just been modifying a few powerpoint slides for the two group pitch presentations we need to do on Tuesday, oh and the usual chores/errands.