Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick apology for the lack of posts. I’ve been using most of my break so far just trying to relax. Although so far my break has not been as restful as I would have liked since the drama began popping up left, right and center it seems. First, my laptop needed to be taken in for repairs, but the new battery won’t arrive until the end of the month. Followed up by a latest medical drama for me, which in turn requires me to see an allergy specialist but I need to wait till next week for the phone call to confirm my appointment time. I have gotten to relax here and there, however, so all is not lost.

Sadly I must report that I have already failed in one of my goals of things to improve upon which was touching more code by doing Unity tutorials or tutorials by a YouTuber named: GamerToGameDeveloper. However, I am working on my other non-class related goals such as having a more active online presence via Twitter.

I’ve been reading The Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino. It is more than just a collection of their artwork. The book spans over four decades of the company’s unique and iconic illustrations seen in packaging, advertisements, concept artwork and more. It includes insight from the people who have worked in Atari with a behind-the-scenes look into how their games were conceived, illustrated and approved/disapproved. I am about halfway through the book now, and currently reading when Atari gained licensing rights over Namco’s Pacman. 

Once I have gone through with that, I plan on reading Game Design Essentials by Briar Lee Mitchell. I began reading this some time ago but never got around to finishing it. My hope is to finish reading Art of Atari by Sunday night so I can start finishing where I left off in the Game Design Essentials on Monday evening.

Anyways, regular posts should start coming up again once the new trimester starts on Monday (18th Sept). So stay tuned!