So it’s been a while since my last post, figured I would give a very brief update on everything going on. This coming Monday is Week 12 which is the official due date for the project, so crunch time to get everything finish before then. I think the main thing we need to do at this point is to essentially put the game together and pray it does not break.

We had a few problems with the gibberish language generator ranging from: not recognizing punctuation or capital letters correctly, not saving the words I had input manually for our custom words and typos I had missed during proof reading. The letters were also problematic since when I made them, I forgot to take into account the canvas size so it did not keep the formatting/placement of the text-boxes for the context.

Having to write custom words for over 1500 words and then losing that progress was painful, having to redo them and finding out there were more typos had me questioning life choices to be honest. Thankfully, fixing the typos was not as bad as inputting each letter and creating new words for 1500+ words, since that was the most time-consuming task. When we found typos, I was unsure how to go about fixing everything without having a list to reference too. Thankfully, Matt’s research yielded a function that would print the words in the gibManager as a text file, cutting down my work by hours and saving me having to recreate the gibberish words from the beginning again.

Before I could redo that however, I had to update the original letters I had by removing the typos and adding new letters to help reflect Harriet’s (player character) mental state.

Edit: I had to edit Vera’s (the neighbor) 2nd letter to Harriet as the content was too long, so it wouldn’t fit on the letter template.