One of the ‘polishes’ we are adding to the game is both aesthetic and practical. Since we needed a way for the player to invert the mouse-axis and change their interact button, we decided to add a pause menu that has these options (and a quit game function).

To help us with the UI art, one of my friend’s Kavinthra Joseph (portfolio) volunteered to do the pause menu for us. While speaking to her on Saturday, turns out we did not have all the information she needed as an artist to create sketches/draft designs for us. I tried my best to answer the questions she had and after that she got to work, using the reference image I had sent her along with the concept art by the animators assisting us in the project.

Pause menu from project
Kavinthra’s first UI design

For this, she used light bulbs beside our invert y-axis and interact button functions, her thinking was that when they were toggled, they would light up, while the cogs/gears for the slider go hand-in-hand with the steampunk idea. She plans on making some other changes to the UI later on.

Edit (14/8/17): Kavinthra finished the concept for the UI (see image below), so once she finishes splitting it up into separate pieces, we can implement the UI. In the meantime, she will be working on some random artworks for the apartment.

final UI concept from Kavinthra