Over Friday and Saturday, I worked on finishing the letters that will be used in-game. The only thing I need to do is change the dates as the time-scale for the game is not fully set, but it is tentatively set over a month period, with snapshots into certain days (e.g. day 1, day 5, day 15 etc.).

The letter writing took a little longer than I had anticipated, mainly due to the research I had to do. I had to research telegrams and find some samples of employee contracts, the reason for this was to allow me to see the format that was used and get the gist of how they were written to replicate in the letters. The employee contract took the longest as many of the references I was looking at, did not have a better resolution to read the words written. Once I got past the small hurdle, the rest was more smooth-sailing.

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I also had to do some quick research on what people believed will be used as transportation in a steampunk world. As Harriet (the main character) works for Brisk Technologies, a company that deals with transport infrastructure. It seemed logical to see what many believed would exist in a steampunk universe. Airships, trains, cars and ships are considered staple, although there were more fantastical ideas (e.g. walking castles) as steampunk is considering a collision between technology and fantasy.

example of a tunnel burrower/drill (source)


Based on research, especially after reading an article called ‘Getting around in a Steampunk world’ (source), I decided to go with the idea that the company has a new ambitious project, building subway tunnels underneath the roads to improve the efficiency of the metro system. The reason why it would be ‘ambitious’ is due to the fact other companies have tried to achieve something similar, but failed. However Brisk Technologies has assigned Harriet, as a lead mechanical design engineer to come up with the design of a new automaton that will act as the digger.

On the narrative end, I have the letters spread out over the period of a month. Each letter arrives during a snapshot of Harriet’s day with different events mentioned such as Harriet being lead designer or an event happening in her apartment complex for example. The final letters arrive after Harriet overcomes her obstacles at work, suggesting that the company project will proceed without any further hassle.