Finished the mock-up of the apartment that we will be using to pitch our game concept to the animators. The purpose of the mock-up is to help them visualize the apartment, we plan on creating an art bible (hopefully) that has reference images of the steampunk vibe we are going for, including images of the art/visual style we are going for (low-poly, simplistic).

I apologize how jittery it is, I forgot to change the settings to smooth it out

What I found amusing while creating the apartment prototype was when I had the realization I had actually based it on my actual apartment, minus the television. My next goal during the weekend is to flesh out the ‘back-stories’ of the characters that will be seen in the game (via their letters) and writing some draft letters.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we have confirmed four characters whose letters we will see in-game. I decided on the following:

  • Mother > her letters appear each day. She will be very nurturing in her letters, encouraging the player
  • Co-worker/boss > foreign language used in their letters. Appears after the second day in-game, regardless, they would be very formal/distant in the letters as they would only have a working relationship to the player
  • Automated Robot > sends telegraphs to the player for reminders (e.g. pay rent, you have work tomorrow). Very stiff, formal and direct in the telegraphs. The player cannot reply to the robot’s messages
  • Neighbor > friendly and tries to aid the player in acclimatizing in their new environment. Their letters are a mix of both English and gibberish. The language would be very casual, friendly and reflect the neighbor’s friendly and active personality

For the player, I am imagining them as someone who has recently moved to a new country for work. They may have even moved aboard to get over a bad breakup, using work as an excuse to get away and start afresh, or simply wanting to break out away from their parents. S/he is initially positive about being in a new environment, their positive outlook is reflected in the letters sent back home to their mother. In later letters, we can see the character is beginning to have doubts and struggles to maintain their positive attitude which is reflected in the letters. After receiving an encouraging letter from their mom, and possibly from the neighbor as well, they regain confidence and determined to succeed in their new “home”.